Cheat Days On Phentermine

For individuals who find it challenging to eat healthy even while using Phen375, cheat days can be the right choice for them. Cheat days allows a person to have their favorite meal one day per week.

How Cheat Days Could Boost Weight Loss Success

Most people believe that cheat days are there to give a break from eating healthy foods. As a reward for sticking to a healthy diet for six days a cheat day gives one freedom to indulge in not so healthy foods.

It is thought that indulging in bad eating habits for one day can make healthy food more bearable during the week.

Though phentermine aids in suppressing appetite and reducing food craving it can be hard to jump from free diet to a restricted one at once. With the cheat days, a person can be free to eat meals that they enjoy even if it is just for a single day.

The whole idea of a cheat day is that after “the break” one can get back to the healthy diet with more zeal as all the cravings have been satisfied.

When people fall into temptations of indulging in bad food habits during a healthy eating plan the tend to be accompanied by so much guilt, with cheat days no guilt is felt since the person choose to eat the not so healthy food consciously with the aim to re-start healthy eating the next day.

Some research indicates that taking foods with high amounts of fat and calories after a restriction period can result in the metabolism enhancing the production of Leptin (a hormone that suppresses appetite).

The Problem With Cheat Days

Cheat days feels like the best way to stay on the phentermine weight loss program without one feeling like they are deprived of some foods but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Cheating Strengthens The Idea Of “Good” and “Bad” Foods
The idea of having cheating days reinforces the urge to indulge in bad foods, and this contributes to a high emotional value to this program. Emotional eating is a highly difficult habit to stop.

Still with the help of phentermine and treating oneself with food makes the connection between emotions and food stronger resulting to overeating during the cheat days.

Studies indicate that when one puts in their mind, the food is healthy controlling the portion of food to eat is forgotten, and people tend to overeat. But when one start filling up the plate with the idea that the food is good they are likely to go beyond their calorie allowance and later struggle to lose weight again.

Cheating Fuels Cravings And More Cheating
There is this idea that with one cheat day one can hold back craving for the remaining week. On the other hand reaching your goal of losing weight could be hard with the cheating.

The reason is taking a break and consuming on fats, salts, and sugar adds fuel to the addiction of food, so even after waking up with the aim of resisting this food one is likely to fall into temptations. Besides sugar and foods with high amounts of saturated fat lowers the effectiveness of phentermine.

Cheating Is Not A Long Term Solution
If an individual gets the urge to cheat on their diets that only means the diet is not working for them, Eating food that is nutritious and healthy should not be made to sound like a punishment since there is a broad range of delicious foods one can select.

If what one need is a permanent weight loss plan then they need to look at the transition into taking healthy meals as a choice to better themselves and lose weight.

Now that cheat days are not such a great idea while on phentermine, what could be the solution?

The main word is moderation. A real healthy diet includes consumption of a wide range of foods that cannot be considered as all bad or all good. The basis of a long-term weight loss program are: planned snacks, nutrient rich- meals and treats all this in small portions and within the calorie limit.

One should pay attention to what he/she eats as every bite counts.